Choosing the Best Artificial Grass for Your Foot Traffic

July 27, 2021

Many homeowners and business owners throughout the country are turning to artificial grass as a landscaping alternative for their homes and businesses because of turf’s ability to stay looking perfect without the extensive ongoing maintenance of a real grass lawn. However, before purchasing your artificial grass product, it’s important to consider the amount of foot traffic your property will receive. Choosing the right artificial grass for your foot traffic will help you ensure that your turf lasts as long as possible and stays looking lush and well-kept year-round.

Artificial Grass Backing
The backing of your artificial grass is the part of the product that secures the fiber tufts into place. It’s a major factor in a turf product’s durability, as the most hard-wearing turf backings can resist thousands of pounds of resistance per square inch. There are two layers to Synthetic Grass Warehouse turf’s polyurethane backing: the primary backing, where the blades are looped through, and the coating where the tuft bind is glued in. Tuft bind alone can withstand up to ten pounds of force, and when combined with the primary backing, SGW turf is exponentially more resistant to pull-force than natural grass.

Synthetic Turf Face Weight
Another factor in your turf’s durability is the face weight. A turf’s face weight refers to the weight of the fibers within the product, not including the weight of the backing. A greater face weight means a denser product, which translates to a more durable turf product. If you expect moderate to high foot traffic at your property, choose a product with a face weight of 70 ounces or above. For lighter foot traffic areas, such as residential or showcase landscaping, a face weight below 60 ounces will be sufficient.

Artificial Turf Pile Height
The measurement of the fiber length, referred to as the pile height, is another factor in how well your artificial grass will hold up to high foot traffic. The shorter your turf’s pile height is, the more durable it will be. Longer blades of grass provide a more luxurious look and feel, but they can become matted and unsightly if overused. It’s important to strike the right balance in order to achieve your desired look while selecting a product that can withstand the appropriate amount of foot traffic. If you expect kids, pets, or athletes to utilize the turf on a regular basis, a shorter pile height will be more suitable and increase the lifespan of your artificial grass landscaping.

To learn more about which synthetic grass product is right for you and your foot traffic level, speak to your installer or contact your local Synthetic Grass Warehouse location. We can help you find the perfect synthetic grass products and installation accessories for your home or business. We’ve been an industry leader for more than 20 years, helping distributors, installers, and homeowners alike with all of their artificial grass installation needs. To find out more about our products or to receive guidance with your next artificial grass installation, contact your local Synthetic Grass Warehouse facility today.

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