Congratulations, Future Turf!

November 2, 2016

In a world that thrives on automation and computers, some businesses are going back to basics. Future Turf, an artificial grass installation company based out of Thousand Oaks, California, values the traditional way of dealing with customers, despite their name suggesting otherwise.“There are a lot of businesses that rely heavily on computers – automated messages, appointments through email, conversation through a computer screen – we wanted to bring back real people,” said Greg Abrams, owner of Future Turf.

It’s this belief that Abrams says keeps his customers happy. “We take a little longer than other install companies because we want to give that extra time to ensure our customers’ complete satisfaction,” he said.

It’s a tactic that seems to be working. “Almost all of our jobs are through word of mouth,” Abrams said. “We are very thankful for that. We are really busy and couldn’t be happier.”

Future Turf serves all of California. “There isn’t anywhere we won’t go. We found that people really appreciate the attention we give them,” Abrams said. “It’s the little things that make a big difference.” He believes this attention to detail is what keeps his customers coming back.

That is how the idea for this 1,700 square foot putting green came about. “He wanted to be able to just walk out into his backyard to practice his putting instead of going to the golf course,” he said.

Abrams installed Everlast Poly Putt 2-Tone and then added TigerTurf Diamond Pro Spring for the fringe, both products found through Synthetic Grass Warehouse. “We offer a product created from the most up to date technology but show that we are real people who actually care about the job,” Abrams said. “I think people really appreciate that.”

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