How to Self-Promote

June 8, 2016

One of the most important ways to self-advertise your business is by installing a beautiful and perfectly groomed synthetic grass lawn, which will make the rest of the block want to contact you. By installing a landscape with the most realistic and plush products from Synthetic Grass Warehouse, the neighborhood will be demanding the name of the company who executed such an exceptional synthetic grass installation.

Take advantage of your amazing work by taking photos of all your installs and promote them on your website, Yelp, Twitter, Instagram or your Facebook page. Customers love seeing examples of past installations because it provides them confidence when deciding to move forward with using your company. Also, don’t forget the power of receiving testimonials/reviews from your past clients. It’s important to always reach out to your previous customers and ask them to leave a review about your installation. With a strong gallery of your past installs and positive testimonials/reviews, your company will have more opportunities to reach new prospective customers.

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