Install of the Month: Grizzly Turf

June 14, 2018

California Finds Green in the Drought

In the delicate aftermath of California’s worst drought and subsequent water restrictions, many homeowners, businesses, and organizations are still resorting to synthetic grass for low-maintenance and perfect greenery year-round.

Grizzly Turf, an artificial grass landscaping company based out of Orange County, recently installed 2,200 square feet of TigerTurf’s Diamond Light Spring on a high-traffic church courtyard. Diamond Light Spring has a dual coloring of field green and lime green, which gives the appearance and realism of natural grass. Additionally, the product also features TigerCool, a turf blade technology that reduces turf temperatures up to 10 degrees in direct sunlight, making this an ideal product to install in Southern California.

Many cities in the state are offering a rebate for those who install it due to the drought and water restrictions. According to Stephen, the project manager from Grizzly Turf, Laguna Niguel is offering a rebate of $2.00/sq. ft. for residential properties and $1.00/sq. ft. for commercial. “I am absolutely seeing a surge in the market as water restrictions are on the rise. California is in the midst of another drought and now more than ever are customers eager to transcend having to deal with costly maintenance and brown lawns,” Stephen adds.

Stephen said that this installation was a breeze, and also mentioned that the members of the church were a pleasure to work. For the longest time, the church had trouble keeping their lawn allure because of the incredibly dry soil beneath the lawn, and wanted something that would revitalize the landscape without the watering or maintenance. Given their regular schedule of events at the church, including mass, weddings, baptisms, communions, and occasionally funerals, they wanted a durable product for people to walk across and for children to play on. Grizzly Turf was able to give them just what they needed.

Grizzly Turf is the top rated company on Yelp that solely specializes in artificial grass installations with services all across Los Angeles, South Bay, Inland Empire, and Orange County. The company started in 2015 is known for in-depth and thorough consultations with their customers and always putting their customers’ best interest first. “We leverage technology to streamline every aspect of what we do,” Stephen says. “From customer support all the way through installation and beyond, we know we can provide a consistently superior experience.”

Grizzly Turf is Install of the Month winner for June 2018.

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