Install of the Month: LawnPop

August 27, 2019

Artificial Grass Installation Optimizes Austin Home for Summer

With dramatic weather patterns all year long and a drastic need for water conservation, no location is more in need of artificial grass installation than Texas. A beautiful appearance, low maintenance requirements, and impressive durability make synthetic grass an extremely popular landscaping solution in the area. One Austin home recently chose LawnPop to transform their backyard, using artificial turf to create the perfect poolside paradise.

LawnPop recently installed 3,000 square feet of TigerTurf Playground/Multipurpose in a home in Austin, Texas. Playground/Multipurpose features a dual coloring of field green and olive green and has a pile height of 1.375 inches. With a 55-ounce face weight, it is ideal for moderate to heavy foot traffic and drains at a rate of more than 440 inches of rain per hour per square yard. This water drains directly back into an underground water system, making it an eco-friendly landscaping solution that aids water conservation efforts in the state.

For this new construction home, LawnPop needed a product that balanced function and aesthetics. The emphasis was on choosing an artificial grass product that would perform well around the pool, which is why Playground/Multipurpose was the perfect solution. With an astonishing drain rate of 440 inches per hour per square yard, this product ensures that the homeowners won’t experience matted or damaged grass regardless of how much activity the pool sees. The ability to eliminate dirt, mud, and broken grass blades that normally get tracked into the house from the pool also made artificial grass an obvious choice. The clients entertain at their home often, throwing evening and weekend parties, so they needed a product that could withstand the heavy foot traffic with ease.

All Texas installers also need to take into account the state’s dramatic weather patterns. With temperatures regularly reaching 105 degrees, it’s extremely difficult to get natural grass to grow in the Austin area. Choosing Playground/Multipurpose allows the homeowners to conserve water and stay cool in the Texas heat. LawnPop chose turf with a shorter pile height and TigerTurf’s revolutionary TigerCool technology because they knew it would benefit the clients and help keep them cool all year.

Since its founding in 2011, LawnPop has become one of the most rapidly growing businesses in Texas. They made the Austin Business Journal’s Fast 50 list in 2018 and they’re quickly expanding into all of Texas and the southwest. The owner, Tanner Shepard, has a background in landscape architecture, so he regularly consults for design with clients. “We pride ourselves on our experience and our craftsmanship,” he explains. “We pride ourselves on not having to go back on a job. Our guys have been doing projects for a long time, so we know what it takes to do it right. We use a good product like SGW so we know that we can do the job once and we’ll be good to go.” LawnPop currently serves the Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston areas, and they hope to expand their footprint all throughout Texas in the years to come.

LawnPop is Synthetic Grass Warehouse’s “Install of the Month” winner for August 2019.

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