Install of the Month: Terra Crew Turf

November 30, 2023

Canyon Lake, CA — A stunning waterfront property deserves an equally stunning landscape, but in the dry California climate, lush green grass can often be virtually impossible to maintain. That’s why high-quality, evergreen artificial turf has skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years. Synthetic turf not only allows homeowners to save time, water, and money, but it also adds a vibrant pop of color that stuns 365 days a year. That’s why, when seeking a landscaping solution for their lakefront home, one client turned to Terra Crew Turf for a water-wise, evergreen artificial grass backyard.

Terra Crew Turf recently installed 1,775 square feet of Synthetic Grass Warehouse’s Malibu Fescue Pro in a home in Canyon Lake, CA. Everlast Malibu Fescue Pro features a natural and lush colorway of field green and olive green blade tones with tan and green thatch for a perfect lawn year-round in any climate. With a 90-ounce face weight and 1.875-inch pile height, Malibu Fescue Pro is ideal for residential and commercial projects anticipating heavy foot traffic and daily use. The turf’s unique corrugated blade shape further enhances its durability; its intricate shape allows for enhanced recovery and stability while reducing shine and creating more visual texture and depth in each blade. Each turf blade is also coated with a U.V. inhibitor during the manufacturing process, so your perfectly green grass will never fade, no matter how much sunlight it’s exposed to. All synthetic grass products from SGW are non-toxic, lead-free, and will drain at a rate of more than 30 inches of rain per hour per square yard.

Terra Crew Turf’s client was seeking a landscaping solution that would be fun and safe for their two dogs while achieving “a perfect green to complete their backyard,” says Colby Dasinger, founder of Terra Crew Turf. “They realized the money they’ll save in the long run with lower water bills. Also, no more paying for the lawn to be mowed, and it’ll be a perfect green year round!” When searching for the perfect turf product, Terra Crew Turf and their client chose Synthetic Grass Warehouse Malibu Fescue Pro because “the bristles seemed to bounce back the quickest after stepping on the samples,” says Dasinger. “They also liked that it was a bit thicker of a blade for a higher foot traffic area!”

The installation posed a unique challenge for Terra Crew Turf since the backyard was on multiple levels with significant elevation changes. “They had just finished a set of retaining walls, a pool, and a paver section,” says Dasinger. To add the finishing touch to the client’s backyard and work around the previous construction, Terra Crew Turf had to go the extra mile for their Canyon Lake homeowners. “We added 52,000 pounds of base to bring the levels where we needed them to be to install the turf.” This attention to detail and commitment to quality is what separates Terra Crew Turf from its competitors and was a point of pride for them in this installation.

Terra Crew Turf was founded by Dasinger in 2022 after working in the synthetic grass industry for several years. “I started my own company because I wanted to create my own name in the industry with a set standard of high-quality projects,” says Dasinger. A small, family-owned company, Terra Crew Turf continually strives for perfection and provides nothing less than five-star service with each installation. When asked about goals for the future, Dasinger says, “I would like to slowly grow into a multiple crew business that will support my family and be able to have them all involved.”

Terra Crew Turf is Synthetic Grass Warehouse’s Install of the Month winner for November 2023.

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