Install of the Month: WinterGreen Synthetic Grass

October 11, 2017

When it comes to artificial grass, many reluctant homeowners worry about only one thing – whether or not it looks artificial. Everyone wants their lawn to look and feel real, but they don’t want the maintenance or irrigation needs that go along with a lawn.

WinterGreen Synthetic Grass owner, Winter Moore, saw things differently. “When I came across artificial grass for the first time, I thought it was a brilliant idea,” Moore told us. “Homes are popping up with artificial lawns all the time and when one person has it, everyone has to have it.”

WinterGreen Synthetic Grass, an artificial grass installation company based out of Texas, recently converted 3,400 square feet of natural grass with Synthetic Grass Warehouse’s Diamond Light Spring for a home located within the Vaquero Country Club.

This installation within the country club was a great way to further promote the growing popularity of turf. The curiosity of passing residents has made this the third installation by WinterGreen Synthetic Grass inside the community, with two more in queue. “This is the domino effect. We’re just going to see more people making the switch as they realize synthetic grass isn’t as fake as they thought,” Moore says.

Since seeing is believing, Moore has decided to pour additional resources into the photography and videography side of his marketing. WinterGreen Synthetic Grass teamed up with a local drone operator to take aerial photo and video for the company. Moore says, “We know our installations are top quality and we want to make sure our potential customers can see how good and real it looks while they imagine possibilities for their own space.”

WinterGreen Synthetic Grass has been in business for over 3 years and services the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. They are frequently featured in Fort Worth magazine and recently did work for the Dallas Stars hockey team.

WinterGreen Synthetic Grass is the October 2017 “Install of the Month” winner.


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