Installing Putting Green Cups

July 19, 2016

This month ASK JW will teach you the proper way to install putting green cups.

“How many synthetic turf contractors or their installers actually understands golf?” Over the years I have experienced synthetic turf contractors having to remove and replace entire putting greens all because the installers did not understand the placement of the putting green cups. Understanding the installation of the putting green cups can make or break your newly placed putting green.

Teaching the front-line installers that the putting green cup is the most important task in a putting green installation will prevent the problems listed below.

– Unlevelled Grading of sub grade materials at the 3’ radius line of putting green cups
– Ball stoppage or misdirection at the 3’ radius line at putting green cups
– Sinking or upheaval of putting green cups
– Tilted flags
– Putting green cup at improper elevation to the putting green surface

“When putting green cups are installed properly, the only way a golfer can miss the hole is by needing more practice. Make sure he doesn’t blame the putting green installation for his miss”. Ask JW

For more information regarding the installation of putting green cups contact J.W. or call 888.846.3598

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