Moss and Putting Greens

June 18, 2020

Over the decades, synthetic turf has been labeled “maintenance-free”. Mowing, edge trimming, and performing irrigation adjustments are things of the past when you have synthetic turf. However, this does not mean the surface will always stay clean and free of contaminants, microbes, and bacteria, especially synthetic turf putting greens. Most putting green products are designed without drainage holes in the backing.

This lack of drainage holes is imperative to putting green products. It allows the putting green to remain stable through its warranty. Excessive water intrusion into compacted soils may damage the sub-base causing settlement to reveal imperfections in the putting surface. Since moisture has no place to go, it resides within the fibers. When this happens, mold and moss may take over the putting green surface, causing irregular ball roll. Moss has become more of a problem on putting greens in part due to the low pile heights. Once moss becomes established, it may continually create new colonies of moss.

This month ASK JW will talk about surface moss, why it occurs, and how to prevent it from destroying your synthetic grass putting greens.

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