Perfecting Putting Green Surfaces – Part 1 – Overview

March 17, 2020

Over the years, synthetic turf putting greens succumb to wear and tear that reduces the longevity of the surface.  Most of these surfaces have become wrinkled, bumpy, and mere impossible to maintain especially stimp meter speeds. The biggest cause behind putting green failures is often due to inexperienced installers. Getting to know your putting green materials is the first step. You don’t have to be a professional golfer to install a synthetic turf putting green, but you must learn how to install them. Many Installers feel that since they have conquered landscape turf, installing putting greens couldn’t be that difficult. They are wrong. Perfecting synthetic turf putting greens will always be an ongoing learning experience due to every golfer and every putting green installation being different than the next. In my 25+ years of installing synthetic turf putting greens, I have learned that you must have skills, patience, and knowledge of the game of golf on a putting green. I know that that sounds a little drastic, but if you want to be the best in what you do, you must put the effort in researching, learning, and practicing being the best. It may sound like I am wanting installers to become golfers, but that’s not my intention, even though it would help????. My goal is to teach installation tips that will save your team frustration when the client/customer is very unhappy with their newly placed putting green. It happens and it will keep on happening if your team is not properly educated. I am very excited to assist you and your team to bring awareness to the pros and cons of installing Synthetic Turf Putting Greens. “And who knows?… You may pick up golf or become a better golfer”.

This month ASK JW will start a new series which will provide educational information along with tips and tricks in perfecting putting green surfaces.

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