Product Spotlight: Diamond Pro Fescue

August 17, 2017

Our Diamond Pro Fescue is beautifully designed to blend in with any natural environment with its dual-colored blades consisting of olive and field green tones.Diamond Pro Fescue is capable of withstanding moderate to heavy levels of foot traffic, making it ideal for kids and pets to take full advantage of your synthetic grass lawn.

An approximate face weight of 75 ounces and pile height of 1.875 inches creates a beautiful and plush appearance.Diamond Pro Fescue’s drainage system includes a perforated backing that can drain up to 30+ inches of rain per square yard per hour. No more worrying about sitting water that attract insects, puddles or muddy paws!

If you’re looking for a low maintenance landscape alternative that will save you time, water and money, Diamond Pro Fescue is the product for you! Backed by our 15 year warranty, we guarantee your synthetic  grass lawn will last you for years to come.

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