Product Spotlight: Riviera Pro

November 25, 2020

If you’re looking to transform your residential or commercial property space into a perfectly-groomed landscape that remains lush and green year-round, Synthetic Grass Warehouse’s Riviera Pro artificial grass is the perfect alternative. Low-maintenance and cost-effective, SGW’s artificial grass products will save you time and money, and give you the beautiful outdoor space that you desire.

Synthetic Grass Warehouse’s Riviera Pro artificial grass is a premium landscaping alternative for any home or business. It features a blend of field green and lime green grass blades paired with a brown thatch to create a realistic appearance. In addition to its natural appearance, Riviera Pro features a proprietary, open S-blade shape technology allowing for versatile landscape installations. UV technology is incorporated into the manufacturing process, so your beautiful green grass will never fade, even when exposed to the harshest sunlight. Riviera Pro showcases an extremely strong backing where the grass blades are triple-reinforced with the toughest tough bind at 10-plus pounds. Additionally, the backing is also perforated for fast drainage, capable of expelling water at over 30 inches per square yard – far better than a natural lawn. With a 1.75-inch pile height and 70-ounce face weight, Riviera Pro products are visually striking, durable, and designed to last for many years to come.

Synthetic Grass Warehouse guarantees that your Riviera Pro artificial grass landscaping will meet your expectations and remain beautiful for a long time. All of our products are non-toxic, lead-free, and backed by the best warranty in the industry. We provide the finest artificial grass products on the market, so call us today to find out more about our available options for your next project.

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