Product Spotlight: Tacoma Light

November 15, 2018

Having a beautifully groomed lawn is every homeowner’s dream. With artificial grass, the hassle of maintaining a real grass lawn is now a problematic chore of the past!

Everlast Tacoma Light is an ideal choice for any household or commercial property. This fantastic product features field and olive green grass blades that stand at approximately 1.625 inches tall. The height of the grass blades ensures that your landscape will look plush and natural all year round. This product also features an approximate face weight of 65 ounces, making it a perfect fit for any household that expects light to moderate foot traffic levels.

Tacoma Light is a beautiful landscape alternative that will enhance any residence or commercial property with its allure and sustainability. You can now enjoy your weekends with your loved ones instead of worrying about lawn maintenance!

SGW guarantees that your Everlast Tacoma Light artificial turf will provide a perfectly safe and durable landscape that will last for years to come! All of our products are non-toxic, lead-free, and backed by a 15-year warranty. It is our priority to make sure we provide every client and homeowner with the best artificial turf products in the industry.

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