Recycled Concrete & Synthetic Turf

August 26, 2021

Finding a good aggregate for compaction can be confusing to new contractors in the synthetic turf business. Rock plants produce many aggregates for all types of construction. When seeking out a good compaction aggregate for synthetic turf, it is important to understand how that aggregate plays a role in your entire installation. Many synthetic turf contractors have used all types of base material underneath their synthetic turf. Placing base materials that have great compaction qualities is needed for the prevention of settlement after years of use. Decades ago, most turf contractors used road base or Type II for their compaction materials. Today, rock plants have a variety of materials that can be used under turf that will produce successful results. 3/8 minus, decomposed granite, and limestone chat aggregates are among the most used across the nation due to their ability to reach great compaction numbers while leaving a smooth surface. It is crucial to understand that good compaction comes with materials that are clean and free of contamination. Crushed recycled concrete has become a favorite for many turf contractors due to its availability, price, and ability to compact.

This month, Ask JW will touch on crushed recycled concrete for synthetic turf and how it may be good for some installations but not good for others.

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