The 411 on CAD Details

July 19, 2016

CAD Details is an expansive and informative way to reduce the amount of research and guess work for synthetic grass installations. Ideal for architects and landscape designers, CAD Details streamlines landscape drawings and standardizes installations with manufacturer specifics. In just a matter of a click, you can become adept in installations and product specifications. Our Synthetic Grass Warehouse homepage features our CAD Details link which provides you with full length, detailed step-by-step installation instructions as well as in depth product blueprints.

Our Cad Details page features our Everglade and Diamond lines, as well as Tiger Pet Turf and Nylon Putt 2-Tone. Available with 3D Preview photographs of synthetic grass installations, you are able to download all CAD & 3D Files onto your computer for any future install!

CAD Details allows for easy access and content that is clear and straightforward in order for your landscape needs to be met! “High-quality design content at your fingertips”.

For more information of CAD Details, click here!

For SGW Corp’s downloadable CAD Details, click here!

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