The Importance of Compaction

October 11, 2017

Many synthetic turf installations have depressed areas due to improper use of materials, poor compaction, bad repairs and irrigation problems. It is very important that grading materials placed underneath artificial grass are of quality, and that compaction rate reach approximately 80 percent. Compaction is accomplished by vibrating, tamping and rolling the sub-base materials. This establishes a solid base in which to drive the nails while installing the turf. Compaction of subgrade materials is crucial to a successful installation. If the underlying materials are not compacted, the synthetic turf installation will degrade quickly to foot traffic, water intrusion, wear and tear.

“Your synthetic turf installation is only as good as your subgrade”… JW

This month, Ask JW will dive deep into the subject of “Compaction” and show you that ALL synthetic turf installations, whether it be very small or extremely large needs proper compaction.

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