Tucking Synthetic Turf Edges

May 4, 2017

Tucking synthetic turf edges has become the new trend in synthetic turf installations. When done properly, tucking synthetic turf edges can give beauty to the overall appearance, but you must understand how and when to use tucking before deciding to apply it to your installation.

Some contractors grade and compact the subgrade materials at the same level of the hardscape and then roll and tuck the synthetic turf to the edge which gives it a “pillow top” look. However, when the turf edges are not properly tucked and secured, safety concerns may arise for the home or business owner. If the finished elevation of the synthetic turf is much higher than the hardscape, a “trip hazard” will be present and can cause injury.

This month, Ask JW will explain when and when not to tuck as well as the proper steps in creating a tucked edge.

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