Why Artificial Grass is Great for Outdoor Gatherings

November 25, 2020

There are dozens of reasons why artificial grass is beneficial for homeowners: a beautiful lawn year round, low maintenance, and lower water bills, among others. Synthetic grass is surging in popularity at outdoor venues and festivals because of its distinct advantages over traditional grass. For outdoor functions, more and more people are discovering that artificial grass will always give you the competitive edge.

Here are some reasons why artificial grass is great for outdoor gatherings:

Easy to Clean
Constant and heavy foot traffic puts major wear and tear on natural grass. Additionally, with large crowds comes spills, stains, and debris. With artificial grass, this is a non-issue. It’s very easy to clean up after outdoor events. All it needs is a rinse and a quick fluff with a broom.

Comfort & Safety
One of the advantages of artificial grass is that it drains water more quickly than natural grass. It’s also safer than natural grass. Synthetic grass is designed to stay flat and even more easily. A dry and flat surface means guests are less likely to slip and fall.

Artificial grass is also beneficial because of its comfort. It’s perfect for guests who may want to sit on the lawn during outdoor events.

Beauty & Amenities 
First impressions and details matter for guests. Synthetic grass retains its beautiful green look without ever having to water it. Artificial grass will always look green, vibrant and picture perfect, and there’s no need to worry about your guests getting grass or mud stains on their clothing.

Save Time & Money
Natural grass needs constant upkeep to maintain a healthy, green look. This is not the case with synthetic turf. You’ll never need to spend countless hours mowing and watering artificial grass, and there’s no need to spend hundreds or thousands on expensive lawn maintenance equipment. In the long run, you’ll save a lot of time and money.

Thinking about artificial grass for your outdoor gathering? At Synthetic Grass Warehouse, our large selection of artificial grass ensures that we have something that suits your needs for any outdoor function. All of our products are non-toxic, lead-free, and backed by the best warranty in the industry. Give us a call today to find out more about our available synthetic grass options for your next project: (800) 730-2675.

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