“Many synthetic turf contractors understand what it takes to throw down a piece of turf, but do you understand the consequences when crucial components are ignored? … From having the correct tools, to cleaning up the project, every step and components of installing synthetic turf have consequences. Below are a several consequences to each component which may cost you time, money and frustration.”

What’s in Your Tool Bag?

Having the incorrect tools can cost the project time and money.

Having the incorrect tools may damage the materials and/or injury.

Site Inspection, Design and Planning

“Fail to Plan…Plan to Fail”

Planning your installations along with some type of design or schematic will create a successful project and give the client assurance to their expectations. Failing to inspect the proposed working area and its conditions may cause failure to the synthetic turf system.

Existing Irrigation/Re-route

Failing to Cap Irrigation and/or re-route underlying pipes may chance damage from the installation of nails, spikes or staples.

Existing Irrigation/Re-route

The synthetic turf system and its overall completed appearance is only as good as its sub-base materials. If the pre-existing conditions are poor in quality it will not only effect the appearance, but the stability of the synthetic turf.

Bordering and Edging

Containment of the synthetic turf system is crucial in maintain integrity to the perimeter edge of the synthetic turf. Without using the proper border/edge material, the sub-base materials will settle causing edge failure.

Weed Suppressor, Gofer Screens & Pre-emergent

If a weed suppressor and/or Pre-Emergent are NOT installed, many types of weeds will penetrate up and through the drainage holes causing interruption in the drainage process. It will become an ongoing maintenance problem for you and your client. If a quality Gofer Screen is not used in areas that Gofers are present, they will completely destroy your installation.


If quality imported materials are not placed and compacted underneath the synthetic turf system, it will cause the entire system to fail due to settlement and flooding.

Infill Placement

Incorrect infill and improper placement will affect ballast and the overall appearance of the competed system.


Powerbrooming is essential for the purpose of brushing the fibers vertical and assist the infill in dropping to the base of the synthetic turf. Incorrect defibrillation may cause the fibers to lay flat and the infill to bunch up and trap the fibers. This effects the overall appearance.

Clean Up

Have pride in your workmanship and clean up the working area better than you first saw it…. It will magnify your craftsmanship.

Maintenance and Repairs

Synthetic Turf is NOT maintenance free. If a maintenance schedule is not put in effect, the beauty and longevity will diminish. If repairs are not made immediately and correct, the damaged area will only get worse with time.

Pet Turf – Deodorizing

Pet Turf installation must be maintained through Deodorizing/Enzyme placement according to the amount of pet use and quantity of pets. The Uric acid in Pet Urine will create a strong odor and will remain until it is killed by an enzyme.

“If you want to be successful in the synethtic turf industry, then you must acknoledge every key component and the consequences that may arise when you don’t heed them.”

“There is never enough time to do the job right, but always enough time to do it over….Dont be one of these guys” “JW”

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