Just when you thought it was safe to throw away your landscaping gloves, out pops a weed in your synthetic turf installation! Crab grass and broadleaf weeds poke through the drainage holes and now your client has more maintenance than they bargained for with their synthetic grass. Help eliminate this issue with my preventative care tips! This month I will show you how avoid those unwanted weeds that creep through synthetic turf.

Place a weed suppressor below the synthetic turf after removing the natural grass. Made from non-woven sheer black fabric, SGW Weed Fabric is designed to prevent weeds from growing inside your artificial turf. This fabric will still allow for proper drainage, as well. SGW weed fabric easily conforms to your landscape contour and lays flat underneath your synthetic grass. SGW Weed Fabric is sold in a 6” x 250” roll and is proven to have the best results in weed prevention.

Some Advantages of SGW Weed Fabric:

  • 15 Year Warranty
  • Professional grade
  • Effective weed and erosion control
  • Incredible tensile strength
  • UV resistant for long-term exposure to the sun
  • Water and air permeability up to 10 gallons per minute per square foot
  • Resists mildew, rotting and insect invasion
  • Earth friendly
  • Durable/tear resistant

Let’s Begin!

Installer Tip: Before installing SGW Weed Fabric below synthetic turf, the subgrade should be free of debris and rocks to allow the fabric to lay flat and conform to the compacted subgrade materials.

Step 1:

Roll out the weed fabric parallel to all hardscape like concrete, pavers or curbs. Stretch the weed fabric so that the surface will be wrinkle-free. It is very important to place the weed fabric adjacent to all hardscape to prevent crab grass and broad leafed weeds from growing through any edges. Any gaps in the weed barrier will allow vegetation to sneak through.

Step 2:

Secure the weed fabric with SGW staples and/or SGW nails every 2-to-3 feet in the center and 1 foot on center around all edges. I recommend SGW staples because the fabric will stay more secure through foot traffic and the elements.

Step 3:

Roll out each section of weed fabric and overlap the edges of each section with a minimum of 6 inches. Secure these sections with either SGW staples and/or nails every 2-to-3 feet on the center and 1 foot on center around all edges.

Remember: weeds are a sneaky bunch, so protect your synthetic grass installations with weed SGW weed fabric! Stay tuned for next month’s ‘Ask J.W.’ installment!

For more information, contact J.W.: askjw@sgwcorp.com or call 888.846.3598

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