Common Issues With DIY Installs

DIY synthetic grass installations can be a great way to save money, but if you don’t take the time to properly prepare and install your synthetic grass, you may be in for a world of trouble. While everyone needs to stick to a budget, cutting corners can result in a ruined artificial turf installation that needs to be repaired or replaced in just a matter of months or years.

If you take the time to install your turf grass properly, however, you can have a long-term investment that enhances your curb appeal and even saves you significant money over its 15-year lifespan. Before you start the synthetic turf installation process, keep in mind these three common issues with DIY turf installs.

Skipping Necessary Prep Work

The first issue many DIY homeowners face is skipping the necessary prep work. Before installing synthetic grass, you need to properly prepare the surface. This includes removing any existing grass, weeds or debris from your yard and leveling the area.

If you don’t take the time to do this, the synthetic grass won’t sit flat, which can lead to drainage issues, loose seams, and wrinkling. Unfortunately, preparing the sub-base is one of the biggest aspects of turf installation overlooked by amateur installers trying to save money by doing it themselves, and it often costs more in the long run to repair.

Using Inadequate Artificial Turf Installation Tools

Even if you have strong attention to detail and have thoroughly prepared the sub-base, it’s unlikely that you’ll own the necessary tools to properly install synthetic turf. For example, professional artificial grass installations require a compactor, which presses the synthetic turf into the ground.

Without a compactor to complete this process, you can encounter drainage problems and an uneven surface. Buying or renting the necessary equipment is possible, but it’s costly and will eat into your budget significantly, leaving you better off using a professional synthetic grass installer.

Compromising on Quality With Cheap Synthetic Grass

Finally, many DIYers make the mistake of compromising quality with cheap synthetic grass products. Often branded as “budget-friendly,” this low-quality turf remains competitive in pricing by offering a less realistic appearance, inferior durability, and, as a result, a shorter lifespan.

Avoid this common pitfall by choosing a high-quality artificial grass variety that’s built to last. Although it’s a marginally more significant initial investment, it will save you money in the long run through superior durability and performance. Plus, all Synthetic Grass Warehouse artificial turf products are backed by a 15-year manufacturer warranty, so you can rest assured that your synthetic grass will last you for years to come.

Although DIYing your artificial turf installation can seem like a good idea for those on a tight budget, the technical difficulty of a successful turf installation can cost you more in the long run on repairs and replacement.

If you want a synthetic turf yard that’s built to last — and will guarantee you a return on investment — trust an artificial grass installation expert. To find a qualified synthetic grass installer in your area, contact us for SGW-approved installer recommendations.

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