Maintenance Tips for Pet Owners

Owning a dog can be one of the most rewarding things you can do. Having a furry friend who sticks by your side and wants nothing more than to be your best friend is a tremendous experience. However, with great companionship comes great responsibility – especially when you own artificial pet turf.

Although synthetic grass is low-maintenance, you’ll still have to make some effort to keep your landscaping free of pet odors. If you’re a pet owner with an artificial grass lawn, you’ll want to pay attention to these three synthetic grass maintenance tips.

Picking up Solid Waste

It’s no secret that solid pet waste can produce foul odors; however, if left unattended, solid waste can also generate toxic chemicals that can cause significant damage to your artificial grass. Thankfully, cleanup could not be a more straightforward task!

Simply use a scooper or a dust collector to pick up the solid waste and use a hose to lightly rinse away any remnants after pickup. Lightly rinsing your artificial turf will also clean up vomit, hair or any other waste your pet can leave behind.

Dealing with Pet Urine

On natural grass surfaces, urine can leave unsightly brown patches and affect future growth. While you don’t have to deal with brown patches on a synthetic grass lawn, urine cleanup is just as essential.

You’ll want to start with a light rinse with a hose to eliminate excess urine. Once you’ve cleared the affected area, it is crucial to disinfect it with either a mild soap and water mixture or a combination of equal parts vinegar and water.

Skip the DIY, Leave it to the Pros

You may be a pet owner with a desperate need to clean your artificial turf, but you just don’t have the time to do it yourself! Don’t count yourself out and assume all hope is lost – there are several professional artificial turf maintenance services that are happy to take care of your turf cleaning needs.

At SGW San Diego, we can provide you with referrals for trusted, vetted turf maintenance services that are guaranteed to clean your artificial turf in no time using professional, state-of-the-art artificial turf disinfectants. In most cases, you can choose the frequency of services and the level of service you’ll need, ensuring that you find a turf cleaning service tailored to your exact specifications.

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